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BAD ASS® Isolate Zero

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Bad Ass Isolate Zero

Bad Ass Isolate Zero is a high-quality, sugar-free whey protein powder that supports muscle growth and repair, with excellent solubility and delicate flavors.

What are the benefits of Bad Ass Zero?

• 25 g of high-quality whey protein isolate powder (WPI) in a single portion
• Up to 5,4 g of BCAA complex in each shake, full amino acid profile
• No added sugar and fat – an ideal option for people who wants to lean muscle mass
• Protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, which supports work on a muscular and athletic physique
• BCAA amino acids contained in proteins may prove useful in protein synthesis processes and in eliminating the fatigue

Bad Ass Zero:

This is a top-quality whey protein isolate powder that provides a solid dose of protein without any added sugar or fat. This powder is an easy and convenient source of complete protein. Ideal for individuals who are physically active and pay attention to their nutrition. With a high concentration of amino acids, seamless solubility, and delicate flavors, Bad Ass Zero is a product that upholds the highest production standards.

To achieve optimal results and performance, pair Bad Ass Zero with Bad Ass Pre for a complete nutrition plan.


2000 gm 66 servings


Chocolate, Vanilla


BAD ASS Nutrition

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