Bpi Sports Smart Burn

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Bpi Sports Smart Burn

Bpi Sports Smart Burn is a potent, fat-burning compound that combines carnitine, CLA, green tea leaf extract, caffeine and the patented ingredient Dynamine™ to help you target fat on even the most stubborn areas of your body.

With delicious flavors like Cotton Candy and Tropical Fruit Punch, this delicious powdered weight loss solution makes losing weight not only possible, but enjoyable. Bpi Sports Smart Burn is a blend of six ingredients that combine to create a fat-destroying compound.

Clarity, focus and motivation like never before!

Key Benefits

  • WEIGHT LOSS: Bpi Sports Smart Burn combines six ingredients to create a fat-destroying compound that breaks down even the most stubborn fat and converts it to energy.
  • ENERGY: In addition to the caffeine in green tea, Smart Burn™ also contains 150mg of caffeine anhydrous. The patented ingredient Dynamine™ also provides a fast-acting lift to energy and focus.
  • BOOST METABOLISM: Muscle is your metabolic engine – the more muscle you have, the more calories your body is able to burn. By helping to preserve lean muscle mass, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) may help boost metabolism.
  • MOOD ENHANCEMENT:Smart Burn contains the patented ingredient Dynamine™, which delivers a fast-acting mood boost without increasing heart rate or blood pressure.

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BPI Sports

One of the oldest American companies for the manufacture and sale of nutritional supplements, its goal has always been to create solutions for all athletes in general, and not for bodybuilders in particular, and always seeks to do everything that is required to be used for athletes from safe products to use for their health and athletic performance
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