Enhanced Labs Blue OX Test Booster

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Enhanced Labs Blue OX Test Booster

Enhanced Labs Blue OX Test Booster from Enhanced Your ideal choice for a powerful and highly effective hormone test stimulator to ensure maximum physical strength during exercise and to constantly improve male body characteristics.

Product description:
Enhanced Blue OX Test Enhancer Enhanced One of the best natural test-hormone stimulating products to achieve unprecedented levels and excellent results in improving exercise performance and getting haviing strong performance, increasing sexual activity, and improving male body characteristics in general. The following substances are included in each dose of the product: – Serving size 4 capsules

  • Vitamin d 1600 iu

  • Vitamin e 200 iu

  • Zinc 20 mg

  • Magnesium 470 mg

  • Tribulus terrestris extract 500 mg

  • Nettles extract 500 mg

  • Ashwagandha extract 300 mg 

  • Shilajit 200 mg 

  • Boron citrate 5 mg 

Directions of use
1. 2 capsules after lunch

2. 2 capsules half an hour before bed

Make sure to drink moderate amounts of water daily

Benefits :-

  • Supports the production of testosterone
  • Supports energy levels in the body and stimulates the body’s energy during exercise 
  • Supports the body’s energy levels and boosts the body’s energy during exercise. 
  • Aids in the improvement of the masculine shape of the body. 
  • Aids in the increase of sexual desire and hormone levels to unprecedented levels.


  •  It is not suggested for people who have chronic illnesses.
  • It should not be used by pregnant or nursing women.
  • Persons under the age of eighteen are not permitted to use this product.

About this brand:
Enhanced is a team of Bodybuilders, Chemists, and Innovators Who Have Joined together to disrupt a chaotic industry by doing absolutely whatever it takes to come out with the most effective hardcore supplements line on the market


120 Capsules 30 Servings


Enhanced Labs

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