Inner Armour L-CARNITINE

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Inner Armour L-CARNITINE

Inner Armour L-CARNITINE 90 Capsules Maximum Potency. Formulated Banned Substance Free. Jitter-Free Fat Loss Activator. L-Carnitine Extreme is a scientifically advanced supplement designed to maximize fat metabolism during aerobic or anaerobic exercise. L-Carnitine Extreme combines all 3 elements necessary to effectively release, transport, and ultimately burn more fat. The specific combination of pure standardized nutraceutical ingredients in L-Carnitine Extreme maximized and improves mental focus. L-Carnitine Extreme gives you a smooth, long-lasting energy without the associated uncomfortable “jitters.” Enhanced with ingredients shown to maximize fat loss. Ingredients address all stages of the fat loss process. Multi-staged ingredients shown to release fat, transport fat, and burn fat.


90 Capsules 30 Servings


Inner Armour Sports Nutrition

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