Kevin Levrone Gold Amino

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Kevin Levrone Gold Amino

Kevin Levrone Gold Amino : Check the new amino acid formula in tablet form supplementing the diet with amino acid from 5 different sources, recommended for adults.


  • Exogenous BCAA and EAA amino acids can influence protein synthesis and support the reduction of the consequences of exhaustive physical activity
  • The combination of exogenous amino acids and L-glutamine may be valuable during increased psychophysical activity and regular training
    HMB may prove to be valuable support in the process of lean muscle mass building and may help reduce the level of fat tissue
  • L-carnitine contributes to increased levels of carnitine in muscle and blood
  • B vitamins are responsible for helping the nervous system function properly, maintaining optimal energy metabolism, reducing feelings of fatigue, and maintaining normal psychological functions

350 Tablets 35 Servings


Kevin Levrone

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