MHP Probolic-SR

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MHP Probolic-SR

MHP Probolic-SR research-proven protein blend of whey, soy and casein combined with its exclusive sustained-release micro-coating technology makes it a superior muscle-building protein supplement. PROBOLIC-SR’s protein sources and Microfeed Technology are designed to deliver a continuous supply of high levels of critical amino acids to stimulate muscle growth, prevent muscle loss and speed recovery. PROBOLIC-SR’s multi-phase release and steady supply of amino acids make it the ideal “anytime” protein. The fast-acting whey and long-lasting protein sources make it perfect for post-workout as it quickly and continually supplies amino acids.


1940 gm 52 servings – 969 gm 26 servings, 1940 gm 52 servings, 969 gm 26 servings




Maximum Human Performance MHP

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