Zoomad Labs MOONS TRUCK ZERO Pre-workout

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New and Improved Formula Moonstruck® ZERO The legendary pre-workout, the stimulant-free gorilla is back, because training like a beast and sleeping like a baby can be compatible too! Mo is made with the post-workout comfort you deserve.

Moonstruck® ZERO II contains plant extracts rich in grape and beet nitrates, a Gorilla Pump Complex with 13 grams of nitric oxide with proven vasodilating potency and effective doses of each ingredient.

There is no other pre-workout on the market with these doses in one scoop.

Moonstruck® ZERO II comes in fresh, new flavors with natural flavorings and colourings.

Nox Extract Complex 2g

A key compound in New Gorilla, according to the latest scientific studies, plant extracts enriched with nitrates are the new “alpha” ingredients in pre-workouts for their vasodilating and antioxidant effects.

Veins and congestion. Enriched beetroot and grape extracts, providing unprecedented oxygenation to arteries and muscles during exercise… The benefit is cumulative, and gets better with the passing days through the Moonstruck® ZERO II supplement.

Gorilla Pump Assembly 13g

Citrulline, Beta-Alanine, AAKG and L-Arginine, 13g work synergistically with the same goal, so that your muscles feel the maximum pump they got during training.

Unprecedented levels of Carnosine and Nitric Oxide in a single scoop contribution.

You’ll quickly notice how you’re getting another 2-3 reps out of each set, and Moonstruck® ZERO II will help you get the reps you really need to progress toward your goals.

More explosive power, strength and endurance, more intense and effective workouts.

The synergy of the four ingredients increases muscle energy/ATP stores, as well as stimulates growth hormone release, which in turn facilitates muscle growth and recovery.

Moonstruck® ZERO II does not contain the Energy and Focus Matrix, consisting of

Caffeine, Ginkgo Biloba 10:1, Panax Ginseng 10:1 and Camellia Sinensis 95% Polyphenols Highly effective synergy but not compatible for those who train late in the day, those with high blood pressure, or simply those intolerant to caffeine and stimulants other ok.


540 gm 30 Servings




Zoomad Labs

Zoomad Labs MOONS TRUCK ZERO Pre-workout
Original price was: 1600 EGP.Current price is: 1300 EGP.Select options
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