Muscle Add Carni Add 3000MG

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About this product

Muscle add Carni add Specially designed for those looking for natural energy during exercise and seriousness in burning fat. 

Product description: 

It is one of the best fat burning products thanks to its composition rich in the amino acid “L-Carnitine,” which is very safe to use for all people and also for those who suffer from chronic diseases because it does contain caffeine or other stimulants

Each scoop of the product contains

One scoop (15 ml) contains

3000 mg of the amino acid L-Carnitine

Directions of use

½ scoop half an hour before breakfast

½ scoop half an hour before exercise


Not recommended for use by persons under the age of 18

About this brand

Muscle Add is a leading supplement manufacturing company; they serve millions of athletes worldwide to create a better healthy future by improving their lifestyle


450 gm 32 Servings


Watermelon, Cotton Candy


Muscle Add


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Muscle Add Carni Add 3000MG
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