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Muscle Add Cla + Carnitine

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MuscleAdd Cla + Carnitine

MuscleAdd Cla + Carnitine Start to convert your fats into energy and reduce fat cells size to reach your desired weight and gain extra energy for your training with the Champion’s choice Muscle Add CLA + Carnitine that contains a complete dose that combines CLA, Carnitine and supported with vitamin D3 to support your immunity and keep your energy levels up through the day.

About Muscle Add CLA + Carnitine

A non-stimulant fat burner that consists of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and L-carnitine acid and supported with vitamin D3, and works through converting fats into energy, also it helps in getting rid of stubborn fats, reduce your fat cells size, and helps in maintaining energy levels through excessive trainings, also it won’t affect your diet as it contains only 20 calories per serving, so it doesn’t need to make a new diet plan when start to use it.

Muscle Add CLA + Carnitine Benefits:

  •       Burn fats into energy: the combination of CLA and L-Carnitine acids will help in transforming your fats into energy and this will result in decreasing fat cells size and obtain higher energy levels.
  •       Get rid of stubborn fats: stubborn fats are the fats that couldn’t be burnt easily like belly fat, and with Muscle Add CLA + Carnitine you will be able to get rid of them easier.
  •       Excessive energy levels: it will help in getting higher energy levels through your workouts and maintain your levels.
  •       Supported with vitamin D3: with 10,000 UI of vitamin D3 in every serving, you will support your bones, immunity and will help in maintaining your energy levels.
  •       Stimulant free: it doesn’t contain any kind of stimulants which will make it suitable with the people with blood pressure problems and also won’t effect their sleep.

Who can use Muscle Add CLA + Carnitine: 

Anyone over the age of 18 and is looking for a supplement that helps in losing his fats and extend his energy levels with no stimulants to reach the ideal weight and gain lean muscle mass, and also it will be perfect for the professional athletes who are in the shredding phase and need extra energy to help them reach their goal and help them in hard workouts.

However, if you have any medical condition, we recommend you to consult a doctor before usage.

How to use:

Mix 1 scoop (6g) of Muscle Add CLA+Carnitine with 150 gm of water and consume it before your workout.


 This is a sports supplement that doesn’t cure or prevent any disease, and it’s not suitable for people under the age of 18.

Also, it is not suitable for pregnant or nursing women.


180 gm 30 servings


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Muscle Add

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