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Muscletech TEST HD Lean Build Black Onyx®: Test +Muscle

Muscletech TEST HD Lean Build New Test HD Lean Build Black Onyx® is the most advanced 2-in-1, testosterone-enhancing and musclebuilding pill. It’s built with multiple scientifically researched ingredients showing in four separate human clinical studies to boost free testosterone, enhance performance and build lean muscle.

Scientifically Testosterone Enhancer –
Featuring researched doses of KSM-66® ashwaghadha and boron shown in separate human clinical studies to promote total testosterone and boost free testosterone – most competitor’s have none! Free testosterone is the most active form of testosterone and is critical to initiating the muscle- and strength-building process. Test HD Lean Build Black Onyx® is the also alarmed with maca, tribulus, safed musli and longjack, plus zinc to help support optimal testosterone production within normal range.

Powerful Musclebuilding & Strength –
Three ingredients make this powerful performance enhancer: exclusive and patented Cindura® has been clinically shown to support muscular strength, boost endurance and increase mass. What’s more, researchers believe Cindura® may help prevent muscle breakdown. In fact, in a 6-week clinical study, subjects taking the amount of Cindura® found in 3 tablets of Test HD Lean Build Black Onyx® significantly increased their muscular endurance by an average of 6.6 reps vs. just 2.2 reps by the placebo group when tested via leg extensions.

  • Testosterone performance, strength
  • With 800mg Cindura®, 400mg Peak ATP®, 600mg KSM-66®, & 250mg Tribulus

90 Tablets 30 Servings


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