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Universal Nutrition Animal Whey

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The Real Deal

Whey is isolate loaded which means it has very little lactose. Because of this, unlike those cheap proteins, Animal Whey digests much quicker and efficiently so you are not bogged down for your next meal. This is a “must” for every athlete dedicated to grow stronger.

Feed the Machine

You don’t grow in the gym. You break down muscle fibers. When you leave to recover, that’s when the growth happens and the quickest way to start that process is with a high-quality whey protein powder. Shake it up and down the hatch it goes. The growing starts there.

Anabolic Window

You gotta eat after your workout, and if you don’t, you’re shortchanging yourself. But food isn’t always readily available, or maybe you’re not even that hungry afterwards. Animal Whey is a sure fire way to cover all of your bases for your post workout nutrition.

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1810 gm 55 servings – 990 gm 30 servings, 990 gm 30 servings, 1810 gm 55 servings


Chocolate – Strawberry – Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla


Universal Nutrition

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