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L Citrulline from Zoomad Labs® is an amino acid that is characterized for being a precursor of arginine. It is a non-essential amino acid. Our body can produce it by itself in the quantities it requires at any time, and it is also capable of manufacturing it from other amino acids, such as glutamine.

L Citrulline from Zoomad Labs® is a precursor of arginine and nitric oxide, an amino acid responsible for vasodilation. Its intake can improve oxygen uptake by tissues and the optimization of effort. It is an amino acid with good digestibility. Once it is metabolized in the blood, it reaches the kidneys to be transformed into arginine. This is one of its main functions, and in this way, it contributes to preserve arterial and muscular health.

Improves the amount of nitric oxide produced.
Promotes tissue recovery
Improves insulin sensitivity
Improves blood pressure and cardiovascular health in general.
Improves metabolism and aids in the elimination of certain wastes
During workouts, improves pump sensation

Directions: Mix one scoop with approximately 8 oz. (240ml) of water or your favorite beverage, preferably 30 mins. before training.


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